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Track Interchange Info

All 15" wide Boggie tracks interchange with each other, but the Gates track is the stronger of the two styles. Approx. dimentions are 118" X 15" with a 2.52 drive lug pitch. The exception is the wide track Model 600, with its 18" wide track. That track does not interchange with any other Deere sled, but fits other makes as does the 15" version. These are the only Deere tracks that fit non-Deere sleds.

Most cleated slide rail tracks from 74-78 interchange with each other except the Liquidator. The 15" 'bonded on' cleated tracks from 74-76 were not nearly as durable as the 2/3's rivited cleated track used from 77-78. Many of the older JDX's, Cyclone and Liquifires have been retrofitted with the newer track by now. However, if you are buying a 74 - 76 JDX, 295/s, 340/s, Liquifire or Cyclone, take a good look at the track. The aftermarket track available for these sleds is a 2/3 (10.5") cleated unit. Approx. dimentions: 121" X 15" with a 2.52 drive lug pitch.

The 78 340 Liquifire Cross Country and 76 Liquidator tracks interchange. But, both of these tracks are hard to find, and should generally be kept for the machine they belong to, in my opinion. Approx. dimentions: 121" X 15" with a 3.29 drive lug pitch.

All cleated track Trail (79-84) and Sportfire's (80-81) can be converted to the 80-84 Liquifire, 82-84 Sportfire or aftermarket rubber track with either a track drive sprocket swap, or drive axle ass'y swap. Rubber track approx. dimentions: 116" X 15 with a 3.29 drive lug pitch.

All "Direct Drive" Spitfire, Snow and Sprintfire 15" cleated tracks interchange with each other. And, the 79-80 Trailfire and 1980 Sportfire track also fits the direct drive sleds. The 81 and up Trail and Sport cleated tracks DO NOT fit the direct drive sleds, as Deere increased the track width about 1/2" that year, and it does not fit into the tunnel of the DD sleds. Approx. dimentions: 116" X 15 with a 2" drive lug pitch

81 Sportfire, 81-84 Trailfire tracks only fit the chaincase sleds: 79-84 Trail, 80-81 Sports. They are wider than the earlier track or the one used on the DD sleds. No need to 'save them for the DD sleds'. Approx. dimentions: 116" X 15.5" with a 2" drive lug pitch.

Cleat info: the earlier (74-76) 15" bonded on cleated tracks use a longer (~14.5") cleat then the later 78+ 15" cleated track. The early cleats have 3 rivet holes on the outer track belt. The later 78-84 version is the shorter 13.75" cleat with only 2 rivet holes on the outer trackbelt. The 2/3's cleat is 10.5" long. Deere did seem to keep the same bolt hole pattern for all there cleated tracks, just changed the length of the cleat. You can also use the threaded rivits still available to rivit the bonded cleats if you are trying to keep using one of those tracks.

The earlier 15" cleated track had predetermained crack point that was staggard from right to left in the center of the cleat. The newer 15" cleated tracks had a center breaking point. Never did like the factory cleat, I only used solid aftermarket ones, not the NOS Deere pieces.

FYI: All Deere slide rail tracks have the same center to center distances for the drive sprockets and the slide rail windows.

I hope this helps with your interchange questions,
-Joe Rainville

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